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of homelessness (, March 19, 2015). The USA Today we▓bsite reported on August 15, 2015 th

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at 47 ▓percent of rural Hispanic babies were born poor, compared to 41 percent of Hispanic babies in urban areas. Hispanics babies born in rur▓al enclaves were more likely to be impoverished and it was harder for

them to receive help ▓from federal and state programs, su▓ch as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. "These babies▓ are starting behind the starting line." (www.usatoday

  • 2012 and 2014 to its highest level in mor▓e than a decade (, November 12, 2015). A survey said that one in five drug abusers in
  • some treatment programs in the United States received their first taste of these illegal substances from their parents, usually befo▓re the age of 18 (, A
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of The Was▓hington Post on January 1, 2015 said that among the young children

OCT 27, 2024

killed in the D.C. region, the majority was killed by a parent o

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